Pour une Humanité solidaire… il y a eu un OUI !


For our friends around the world, here is the translation !

« In the beginning, there was an idea, a dream, a calling… there was a warning from the Elders…an awakening… there was the creation of an Oeuvre Martiale, a Martial Masterpiece …”Peuple dernier” (The Last Nation), a contemplation on mankind’s fate resting on its choice of actions within the next few years… Then, there was the inception of a great “project without borders for a human solidarity”… There were exceptional humans, who chose to partake in the project, despite the uncertainties… There was a request from across the ocean… There was hope… tremendous hope… And.there was a hearken, a connection…from the heart…there was a YES, a YES to the exchange between two cultures, nations, humanities… Therefore, close to 40 karate students from L’École martiale will embark on this journey and perform the Oeuvre martiale “Peuple dernier” in Belgium this June and they will volunteer their time to offer movement and creativity workshops/conferences… Thanks to Émergences, a non-profit group that thrives for the emergence of a more mindful, fair, altruistic and supportive society… that has generously accepted to be our host and offer us in turn, mindfulness workshops and activities to embrace…From the depth of our souls, we thank you for supporting us across the four corners of the world… this project is soaring today, in part, because like us, you believe in the strength of a community, of a society in a world that lends a hand, that builds bridges from one generation to the next, that perseveres, and despite obstacles along the way, will provide a happier future for Mankind. »